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IVY Leagues

Ivy League colleges are considered to be the most prestigious of all schools in the United States. These colleges are by and large located within the North-eastern part of the US. The 8 colleges that are taken into consideration to be an Ivy League are Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia and University of Pennsylvania. Out of all institutions, for gaining better knowledge, these elite colleges are taken into consideration to be the most superior and the most sought-after in terms of attractiveness and commencement.

Benefits of Ivy Leagues

Bright Career Opportunity

It is a great resume starter to have an Ivy League school on your resume which eventually opens doors and opportunities for you.

Great Advantage

If you go to Stanford, it’s easier to get into MIT, and vice versa, compared to going to a non-ivy league school.

Worthwhile Experience

The fulfillment derived from being in an immaculately clean, inspiring, and well organized environment surrounded by professional staff who wants you to be successful is extraordinary.

Rich Selection

Very interesting courses, taught by some of the world’s most respected authorities, and, more often than not, the authors of one or more nonfiction works in their field.


JenNext Mentors [JNM] are seasoned experts in the field of Overseas Education and Immigration, driven towards broadening both academic and work prospective of students aspiring to go abroad, since 2004. By integrating student-centered approaches and techniques with proven expertise in IVY leagues, we seek to lower the rigors of a highly competitive field by adopting our ways to suit the student’s each ability perfectly.

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