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What is Khan Mentors

Khan Mentors’ uses Structured Human Improvement Pathways (SHIP), a proprietary approach,to create and implement design-based learning programs to generate stellar professional outcomes. Our learning programs have shown stellar professional growth outcomes while creating leveraged social value through coordinated actions of our clients.

As a disruptive innovator and leading provider of design-based learning solutions, Khan Mentors provides customized training programs aimed at enhancing hard skills while deepening soft skills.

We also create blended and eLearning courses with adaptive content development, perform content conversion for our clients, and develop end-to- end skills transfer programs.

Khan Mentors is deeply committed to democratizing access to top quality education through the Khan Method. We create an ecosystem that generates social value by placing our top-tier college and graduate school candidates, sourced individually or from our institutional clients, at social enterprises that need skilled and motivated individuals.

Using our proprietary and patent-pending Khan Method, Khan Mentors acts as admissions consultants and mentors for our candidates, professional trainers and social value creators for our institutional clients, and engagement managers for strategy and operations consulting projects for our partner social enterprise, Khan Mentors is disrupting the entire higher education and training space is a socially responsible way.

Khan Mentors works closely with organizations in the education sector to enhance educational outcomes at the strategic as well as operational levels. We engage with high schools (public and private), colleges, and universities to conduct complete strategic assessments and develop future growth paths, assess best practices and provide gap analyses, map key business processes to identify risks and/or performance destabilizers and develop operational solutions.And design and implement new academic and professional training programs.

We also offer policy analysis, expected impact analysis, and technical advisory services to education sector government agencies and education policy think tanks.

Sarosh, the Founder and Mentor-in- Chief of Khan Mentors, is a Harvard-educated professional with 15+ years of experience in economic research, proprietary investing, international finance,strategy consulting, and entrepreneurship. His professional experience includes positions at the St Louis Fed, the IMF, the IDB, Censeo, and SBE Holdings– a defense sector conglomerate.

During the past 10 years he has helped many candidates achieve their dream of getting into top ranked colleges and universities. As a believer in the transformative power of higher education, he is personally dedicated to enhancing the accessibility to elite schools as well as addressing the problem of skills mismatch.

Having grown up in Pakistan, Sarosh arrived in the US as a young 19 year old entrepreneurial immigrant, Sarosh saw the immense value of top-notch higher education in establishing himself in his new home. He developed studying strategies and methods to enhance his own performance which led him to graduate at the top of his economics class with highest honors from Northeastern University. He then joined one of the toughest programs in Harvard University, the MPA/ID. He combined the programs doctoral level core of international economics with MBA electives in finance and strategy at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management.

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