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Scholarships for Overseas Education

Several Indian students who aspire to have high tone education for them these scholarships are blessings. These scholarships make study affordable for them and to have an education in the best universities in the world. It is been said by the president of Harvard University that “If you think investing in education is expensive, try ignorance.” The meaning is very much clear in his words that ignoring your education concerning expenditure will exceed the short-term cost of ignorance.

Resultantly, Universities, Corporations and legislation have realized and framed such policies which facilitate less fortunate people to have higher education abroad in the world recognized universities.

Well, known Study Abroad Scholarships are major of five types:


These scholarships are granted based on academic merit, artistic, athletic or other extracurricular activities. They earn this based on your previous records and acclaims.


These scholarships are valid for a financially weaker section of the society. Student group who belongs to originate from monetarily feeble may be eligible to study in these reputed universities. However, academic profiles may be looked at, and the decision-making process is entirely based on the monetary situation of the family. This scholarship may cover the entire tuition fees to partial tuition fees, living expenses and sometimes the cost of books as well.


This scholarship has majorly been provided based on distinct characteristics that could range from race, gender, religion or even medical issues. This variant provides the privilege to economically weaker section to attain their desires.


These scholarships are for those students those who opt for certain specific careers which are less opted by the seekers. Universities have an agenda to produce a talent the employers require that so they provide financial help to those who wanted to pursue an education in that specific career choice.


There are several institutions which work on the core competencies for their research, education delivery and reputation. Therefore, to heighten their ideologies and knowledge system, university introduces programmes and scholarships unique to their reputation. To attain these scholarships learner has to qualify academic, personal achievements, extra-curricular activities, overall profiles, etc. This covers part of the tuition fees.


How The JenNext Mentors can help for Abroad Study Scholarships

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