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Biometric Counselling is a kind of Brain Mapping that helps in the understanding of an individual’s personality, interest and potentials. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence(DMI)is a study of fingerprints that have been developed by scientists and is used in this test. With this unique technique, we can analyze a person’s interest and can pick a career from different fields such as Education, Music, Dance, Art, sports etc. This could qualify as the shortest career test.

Purpose of Biometric Tests;

With the help of fingerprint scanning, we can get an insight of Human Brain. Many countries like China, India and Korea nowadays are using this combination of multiple intelligence and fingerprints.

How JenNext Mentors Use Biometric Tests: 

JenNext Mentors are providing Biometric career counseling through which you can understand your field of interest and choose the best fit for you.
Fingerprints reflect on the personality and aptitude of a student which are divided into four aspects and are compared to birds like eagle (goal orientation), dove (emotional quotient), owl (task orientation) and peacock (leadership qualities).


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