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Career Counselling is important to help students to eventually make the right choice. Psychometric Counselling is a  scientific procedure that Provides Career Guidance, identifying the Aptitude, Interest, and Personality of a Student. This kind of mapping lends itself to making career choices. 


Psychometric tests assess an individual’s intelligence, skills, and personality types, and more. They are structured to accurately evaluate an individual’s capacity to process information, strengths, and weaknesses and act as tools of self-exploration and awareness.


Purpose of Psychometric Tests

Each test has a specific purpose and they administer a different level of understanding about the student. 

One can decide which tests to administer in what grades and to whom. Specific tests can also be chosen based on student needs.


How JenNext Mentors Use Psychometric Tests: 

Our expert mentors can help students analyse their career options in three major distinctive areas


1. Learning Styles Test

Our experts assess to reveal how a student prefers to study, concentrate, and learn. The assessment also helps determine which stream would be best suited for the student to take after their class 10.


2. Career Assessment Tests

Our experts can help the student understand their strengths and personality, determining the best career choice for their future. As the assessment is based on personality type, it can also identify basic drivers for motivation to succeed for the student.


3. Branch Assessment Tests

Our expert can help identify career streams best suitable for the student explaining their like inclination towards either Engineering, Humanities or Commerce career paths.


While psychometric tests provide clarity on the choices, comprehensive career guidance will go a long way in cementing the future of the student. JNM, also provides a 360-degree career guidance system being followed by top schools in the country. 


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