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Study in USA

The United States Of America is a World leading and Pioneer country. It has the most flexible education system. It is always a dream of every student to study in the USA. The American education system offers a variety of choices for international students.The Educational Structure is quite different from other countries. Some popular destinations for students in the USA are Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University and Stanford University. The students have a wide range of options to choose a college or university in the USA.


There ample reasons to choose The United States Of America for study in abroad. It is the global leader in education. Scholarship programs are available for students who are able to prove their skills in them. Fulbright Foreign Student Program, American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, Rotary Peace Fellowships are few scholarships for international students.



These colleges run by a state or local government.Many of them have the name of there state in their names like Washington State University and the University of Michigan.



 These schools are run by a branch of the government. These are Religiously affiliated universities and prefer to admit students who hold similar religious beliefs.



These colleges are two-year colleges that award an associate’s degrees, if you are not planning for higher education then this degree qualifies you for a job in your home country.



This is a college that provides at least four years of study in science and technology.



Since long US had been the major attraction & hub for Indian students. On an average every year more than 1.5lakhs students are going to US for their higher studies.

Major benefits of studying in the US are as under:


1. State of Art learning technology:

Majority of US Universities are involved in lot of research oriented projects of various industries and that is why students get     upto date industrial knowledge with the latest advancements & research in their fields. Teaching pattern of universities is very liberal & studying in US is altogether a different experience for students for from countries like India.


2. Flexible studies: 

On an average 30% of the curriculum is only prescribed by the university. Students can choose their own majors & minors subjects as per their  liking. One of our student at Cornall school of agriculture graduated with major in business & economics. So it is the best country to go if you have varied industry because of the flexibility.


3. Post study work permit:

For students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) their is a option for OPT which corresponds to 3yrs open work  permit & for Non STEM background 1yr work permit after their studies.It is a very good option for students who are looking for earning back their fee amount & getting valuable work experience.


4. Branding:

For students who studied in US, have a better reputation over students graduation from normal countries like Australia or Europe.




1. Fees:

Fees in US starts from as low as USD10000 per year upto USD 50000 – USD 60000.There is a huge difference in the fees structure and students are advised to consult their counsellor before they start their application process.


2. Internships:

Internships are available in US under CPT Program (Curriculum of Practical

Training) . In this program students can work full time i.e 40 hrs per week & is a valuable asset for student’s resume once they go out for search of job after graduation.


3. Flexibility:

As return earlier US education is very flexible and lot of options are available for students as per their choice or interest.


4. Scholarships:

Depending on the profile of students we assure 100% chances of scholarships to students and get in touch with our counsellor for further details.

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