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Career Guidance

While counseling can be seen as seeking guidance or moral support from an expert. Career Guidance focuses on self assessment of skills and knowledge through guidance, helping them explore their educational and career path. 

Career Counselling helps manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels to poor time management, trust issues with family to non-agreement between parents and children on which career to choose. With a vast knowledge of a variety of career profiles, a good counselor can help differentiate between lesser known career options and more obvious choices known. 

Why should I consider Career Guidance


With an infinite number of career options in the market, students are often confused about which career to choose to get through to their dream role. With insufficient information available within schools, or due to predominant focus on limited streams, students often end up following the herd and choose non compatible courses. 

How can JenNext Mentors help students

Jen Next Mentors you will get the right support throughout every step.
Advise on course type and career prospect
Guidance on choosing the best colleges
Guidance on planning your finances and scholarships
Test prep and profile guidance



Why career guidance is required for undergraduate studies

Career Guidance focuses on self-assessment with skills and knowledge through guidance, helping students explore their educational and career paths. 
At the high school level, when students are confused on which stream to choose after their class 10 boards, what career prospects lie ahead based on the streams, and targeting the right university to pursue their graduate studies, career guidance comes in handy then.

When should you start

Considering top universities focus on a holistic profile looking into different aspects than just academics. A 360 Degree student profile would have social aspects, corporate experience, research, athletics, extracurriculars, and many other factors that can help the admission committee identify their potential and how they can contribute to the university. While universities mainly consider work done during the high school period, it can take time to identify and build a student’s area of interest. Thus we recommend, students start working on their profile and admission from class 9 onwards, considering classes 10 and 12 are going to be busy.  

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