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PTE – PTE –PTE – Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language test is for those who wanted to go abroad for study. This test contains four parts – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. PTE Questions routinely test 2 aptitudes simultaneously (for example, listening and reading or reading and speaking).


PTE Classes in Delhi

For all the computer savvy candidates aspiring to pursue their studies abroad, PTE is one best option for all those students. It believes in the unbiased approach while testing the student’s ability and knowledge in the English language. There are many unique advantages attached to this forum of the testing system. As the demand for artificial intelligence has grown in the market with a huge speed, it focuses on transparency to the next level. All the results are graded by an algorithm method with zero interference of the human mind. To give your PTE Academic test, one needs to attend a secure Pearson test center which will include a computer and a handset to listen, read and respond to asked questions in the test.


It is a three-hour test and included three main modules:

  1. Speaking and Writing are together
  2. Listening
  3. Reading


You can also take an optional 10 minutes break between reading and listening modules.



There will be 20 different question formats


Types of questions include:

  • MCQ’s
  • Essay writing
  • Interpreting information



It is used to access student’s ability to speak and write in the English language.




It is a 1 hour 30 minutes test

  • Questions:


It includes questions based on –


1. Personal introduction


2. Read Aloud


3. Repeat sentence


4. Describe image


5. Re-tell lecture


6. Answer short question


7. Summarize written text


8.Essay (20 mins)



It consists of questions that are based on audio and visual clips. Students are required to listen to each video or audio clip only once and are allowed to make notes. On the basis of these clips, questions are given which are meant to be answered by the students.




It takes 45- 57 minutes



It includes questions such as –


1. Summarize spoken text


2. Multiple choice questions


3. Fill in the blanks


4. Highlight the correct summary


5. Select missing word


6. Highlight incorrect words


7. Write from dictation



This module will test students reading skills. It is a single timed section that contains 15- 20 independent and integrated skills.

  • Timing

It takes 30 – 40 minutes to complete this test



It includes different types of questions such as”


1. MCQ’S


2. RE-ordering of paragraph


3. Fill in the blanks




1. Mock test


2. Practice material


3. Doubt sessions


4. Weekend classes


5. Small batches


6. System based practice modules


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