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How to pack your bag


Congratulations on your admittance and now that you have your student visa in hand, you and your parents must be wondering what all should be packed inside your suitcase while you are studying overseas.


While there are various student luggage checklist available, I would like you to ponder over a few questions first


Would you be staying within a dormitory or staying with a family or friend? 

If you were staying in a dormitory, would you stay in a  single occupancy or sharing a flat?

Is there a common student mess available or is there a kitchen in every flat?

Are they providing complete bedding or do you have a facility to hire beddings?

Now considering you have answers for all, let's choose your luggage bag. It's essential to  remember each airline and destination country may have different maximum luggage allowance, thus make sure not to go overboard. Keeping in all the items that you plan to carry along to the new country make sure you choose a bag that can fit them all. Do make sure your bags have wheels attached to them, to help transport them with ease without putting strain on your arms.


Do make a list of things that you need to carry along with you in advance giving ample time to purchase any missing items.


With the bags out of the way, you need a list of all the papers that you carry and keep handy to present during your journey.


  • Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Credit Card
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Plane and train ticket (yes do make sure to book your train tickets in advance to save money)
  • Boarding Pass
  • Student Card/ Enrollment confirmation from university
  • Health insurance card or copy of travel health insurance
  • Fee receipt for accommodation allotted
  • Covid vaccination certificate & medical prescription for all medicines you are carrying

Do make photocopies and digital copies of all the paper, storing them in your checked luggage and mobile device, leaving a set with your parents.

If you are carrying any prescribed medicine, do ensure to carry ample quantities enough to cover your whole period of stay if possible. This is because it is not certain whether the medicine you require is available in the country or not. Carry the doctor’s prescription too in case you run out of doses.

While I would prefer you to carry a master or a visa card as they can be used globally, still carry some change in the local currency in case you need to purchase something while travelling. 


Though carrying all your clothes is not a logical approach, do your research on the weather of the country and take along a limited number of clothes accordingly. Among the essentials, do carry a 3-4 pair of casual outfits, a pair of ethnic wear, a jacket, a formal suit, a raincoat and a couple of pairs of undergarments and socks along with a towel. While we are at it do remember to pack your toiletries along too in the form of a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, grooming kit or makeup, shower gel and sanitary pads. 


You can also carry a bedsheet, a backpack, contact lenses, a pair of sunglasses along with your wallet or purse.


While you might be tempted to carry some fresh snacks, do limit yourself from carrying more than a week's supply. Instead you can carry ready to eat meals which are vacuum sealed and wont go bad for a good time. Being more compact they can be easily stored too.


While I would suggest you carry your laptop, in case you plan to buy a new one, you can purchase it there, availing a student discount and better deals due to cheaper taxes in certain countries.


Now with most of the things out of the way you are ready to travel. 


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