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SAT–Scholastic Aptitude Test is the most acceptable admission test among colleges and universities. SAT is published by a private College Board in the United States. The test’s purpose is to assess the high school student’s readiness for college and also provide colleges with one common data point which could be employed in comparing all applicants.

Structure of SAT Preparation

Part I–Reading

Within 65 minutes, candidates have to answer 52 multiple-choice questions from 4 to 5 passages. In this section, they always relate one paragraph to world literature or the US. In this part, all questions are multiple choices.

Part II–Writing and language

Here, a candidate’s grammar and Language usage will be assessed with 44 questions within a 35-minute time limit.

Part III–Mathematics

For about 80 minutes, they will test candidates for advanced math, for algebra, problem-solving, and data analysis.

Ace the SAT preparations with SAT training in Pitampura

SAT stands for Scholastic aptitude test and is one of the most trusted examinations for admissions in colleges and universities. This is a multiple choice pencil-paper examination and is allotted a time frame of three hours in total. The examination serves the purpose of assessing readiness of a candidate for college.  Higher the score obtained, higher are the chances of getting admission in the best universities and colleges. If you also want to prepare for SAT, get help SAT Coaching in Delhi.

The scores you get in the SAT exams create a huge impact on the admission criteria. There are many colleges and universities wherein admissions are done only on the basis of SAT scores. The SAT exam is offered nationally every year in August, October, March, May and June. These examinations are conducted by board to evaluate the candidates on the basis of knowledge gained in the initial years. There are many other examinations that are limited to admissions in engineering, healthcare while SAT is applicable for all courses. Apart from providing world class education all around the globe, SAT also helps students to qualify for various scholarships. India is one of the most emerging centres for students looking for education in international studies. Delhi being a hub of education has a number of SAT Coaching in Delhi that provides details of the examination and helps them score in the highest range. Students in India can send unlimited scores for free to any India Global Alliance member universities in India. Want to ensure your perfect grade, start SAT Training in Pitampura.


Prepare for SAT with the team exprerts at SAT Training in Pitampura


With the help of experts at SAT Preparation in Delhi, you can get full details of scoring pattern of 1600 and an average SAT score. The examination is divided into math and evidence based reading and writing along with an optional essay. All the sections are scored on a 200-800 scale. The total score is obtained as a sum of all the marks obtained in individual sections. The SAT score can be used for five years and can be given at different intervals. This is a major examination which serves as a basis for admissions in many good colleges and universities in various countries. On a scale of 0-1600, every college has a set bar for admissions in different courses.  Learn easy tricks and score the perfect marks with best SAT Classes in Delhi.


There is no eligibility criteria in terms of age for appearing for SAT examination, however since this examination is given for admissions in undergraduate courses , most of the candidates are around 17-19 years of age. There is no negative marking in SAT examination which reduces the chances of obtaining lowest scores. With SAT Coaching in Pitampura, students can get help to understand the pattern of the examination and provides detailed information of the entire syllabus. The marks obtained in SAT examination helps universities to predict likely future academic success of a student seeking admission to undergraduate programs at various educational programs in India and abroad.


Planning beforehand for ensuring perfect marks in the SAT exam should be your first goal in order to fulfil your dream of international studies and settling down and you can expertise with SAT Preparation in Delhi.

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