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GMAT – GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer based test set to evaluate written, quantitative, verbal, analytical and reading aptitude in English for use in admission to a graduate administration program, for example, an MBA.


GMAT Preparation Format


Analytical Writing Assessment: (30 Minutes)

This test presents an argument task in which the candidate is expected to analyze and assess the rationality of a given positionand make suggestions as regards any faults or improvements which could be made on the position.


Integrated Reasoning (30 Minutes)

This section requires that the candidate interprets Multi-Source Graphic Information. This part of the exam contains 12 questions and features an on-screen calculator.


Quantitative (75 minutes)

The Quantitative section measures your data analysis capabilities and Problem-solving abilities using 37 questions. GMAT exam is no greater than what is generally you learned in secondary school classes. This part requires high level of reasoning. Calculators are also highly prohibited.

Verbal (75 minutes)

The exam includes question types in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction using multiple choice questions. It measures the candidate’s ability to evaluate arguments and rewrite sentences to standard written English.


GMAT preparation and help for management studies


GMAT tests are considered to be one of the most chosen exams by international students who are aspiring to complete their MBA from a renowned university abroad. The more you score in the GMAT tests the increased are your chances of completing your masters from the best international university. To know-how, take help With GMAT preparation in Pitampura.


The Graduate Management Admission Test popularly known as GMAT is a computer adaptive test that helps in assessing the reading, writing, quantitative and analytical skills of a student planning to complete their graduate management programs. GMAT scores are considered for direct admissions in various Indian and international universities and can benefit in building a successful future ahead. It is very important to prepare for the GMAT test with an expert team at GMAT training in Delhi.


The test focuses on the analysis of your skills on different subjects and topics like algebra, arithmetic, grammar and geometry along with logical and analytical reasoning by the graduate management admission council (GMAC). GMAT scores have helped millions of students to get admitted into the world’s best management universities and is extremely beneficial for international students. The best part of the GMAT exams is that you can give the exam up to 5 times a year which eventually increases your chances of getting selected. Plan your GMAT test with GMAT coaching classes in Delhi and have the best results for your career.


How have GMAT Preparations proved beneficial for management students?


The popularity of the GMAT exam has been ever-growing due to its increasing success ratio among the other competitive exams. There are more than 7000 masters programs available in 2300 + business schools all around the globe which eventually helps students to complete their education from a world-class business school. Whether you want to pursue MBA programs, master of accountancy or finance and other masters, GMAT training in Pitampura can help you get in selected in the most reputed university with scholarship opportunities. As the GMAT exams are considered to be the best entrance exam for MBA, it is very important for the applicants to never let that chance of succeeding in exam slip away. The goal of the GMAT exam is to simply make a standardized platform where students aspiring for business schools can get their basic language and reasoning skills analyzed and tested which is required for business studies.


The GMAT exam consists of 4 sections which include analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning section, quantitative section and a verbal action with the total test time of3 hours and 7 minutes. Plan your GMAT Test with full practice through mock tests under the guidance of GMAT classes in Delhi.


The rate of getting good scores in the GMAT exam directly depends on the quality of your preparation, get help with GMAT coaching classes in Delhi and ensure your higher success rates.


If you want to get admissions in your desired university, make sure you do the beforehand practice of the GMAT tests with GMAT training in Pitampura.

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