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How to build your profile


I recently had an oppurtunity to discuss internship opportunities for high school students with a Princeton Graduate of the early 90s, at whose company I was pitching the profiles of my student. The conversation led to the need for genuine career & profile guidance among Indian students rather than the blatant lie of making them apply to lower-ranking institutes by most Study Abroad agencies.

Most agencies as the term suggest are agents, more of an extended arm to the universities recruitment team, who only suggest institute which provides a fee to them for recruiting each student. As most such universities are paying a third party for recruiting students, they set their entry bar below a top-ranking set of universities. Thus a profile building for such agencies is most likely to tick the mandatory requirements like test scores to secure a seat from their university. Where else, a genuine career and profile guide will always you the student to target the best of the universities, by honing their profile from different viewpoints.

A top university, apart from an overall good academic score, looks for 2 major aspects within a student’s application. First being their entry examinations score, which can be either SATs, LNAT, ACTs, IELTS, etc based on their course choice and region of application. The second would be the profile of the students. While I do not believe in a set stencil for profile building, I would still divide it into three major areas to focus upon.

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