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    We are seasoned experts in the field of Overseas Education and Immigration driven towards broadening both academic and working perspectives of international students since 2004. By integrating student-centered approaches and techniques with proven expertise in ivy leagues, we seek to minimize the rigors of a highly competitive field by adapting our procedures to suit the student’s individual abilities perfectly.
    We are affiliated with highly rated professionals in Academics, Psychology, Language Development and Educational Counseling, and offer top class End to End Consultancy centered on personality development aimed at developing a fully rounded individual with a higher chance of securing admission and succeeding at renowned universities. Over the years, our success rates have earned us the trust of thousands of satisfied clients.

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IVY League

Ivy League colleges are considered to be the most prestigious of all schools in the United States. These colleges are by and large located within the North-eastern part of the US. The 8 colleges that are taken into consideration to be an Ivy League are Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia and University of Pennsylvania. Out of all institutions, for gaining better knowledge, these elite colleges are taken into consideration to be the most superior and the most sought-after in terms of attractiveness and commencement.


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Personalized Mentoring

JenNext Mentor is one of New Delhi’s oldest International Admission Consulting firms working for benefit of students since 2004

Latest Career counselling Techniques

Human beings are much more than mathematics and logical reasoning exercise solving brains.  IQ tests, by and large, measure only the aptitude 

360 degrees Assessments

International Admission is not just about SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL.  You will need assistance with scholarships, visa

Financial Planning

Finances are an important aspect of planning overseas Education due to its high contribution throughout the process. 

Khan Mentors

JenNext Mentors has exclusive tie ups with Khan Mentors, USA. We offer their under Patent product Structured Human Improvement 

JNM Guarantee

JNM Assures full satisfaction to the students in their admit process. We do not pester students for any specific university 

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