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Why should overseas education be preferred during COVID-19?


  • Top Quality Education Through Online Classes

Why do we prefer the best colleges/universities when it comes to higher education? Well, simply because they offer the best quality of education and have the most excellent faculties available. International universities are also capable of expanding the study options; for the matter of fact, the top MBA colleges from overseas are providing online classes to avoid physical contact. 

Havard is one the topmost universities in the world; breaking its record of the last 76 years the university is going for 4th round of admission. This proves international universities are not compromising with student’s careers. Overseas universities provide an alternative academic experience as students can choose courses not offered elsewhere while earning credits towards graduation.


  • Profile Building/ Saving Money

While each country has great universities, one cannot explore everything in the same place. The diversity in culture and uniqueness in experiences makes our ability to tackle situations better. Where everyone is considering safety during this pandemic, most of the countries are always a few steps ahead of India when it comes to such situations. 

The advanced technology in overseas countries and great management has always been prepared with measures. Save money now by saving the additional cost of living abroad, build your profile and credibility and enjoy campus life later.


  • Virtual Jobs/ Internships

One of the most critical factors of studying overseas is better career opportunities. International countries have renowned companies, and high quality better placement offers. As the fall in the economy is a major concern in many countries, International Universities are already equipped with placing students with virtual jobs and online internships.


  • Better Facilities

Moving to international countries is mentally and emotionally challenging, ultimately preparing the students for a better future and evolving them as a person. With advanced medical facilities, neither the students nor the parents have to worry about the health of the child during COVID-19.

Even if the students opt for online classes, the interaction with professors and course material is shared with high tech technology so the students do not miss out on anything!


  • Scope For Better Opportunities

At this time, students are open to great opportunities as the best colleges are providing scholarships. The foreign universities are trying their best to secure students with better exposure while expecting the situation to get better in the coming months.

There are several universities that have switched to online teaching through video calls. This is the best way to save time and not miss any knowledge or opportunities even from far away.


  • Who can assist your educational dilemmas amidst COVID-19?

Numerous Overseas Education Advisors in India provide counseling sessions for overseas education. The consultants help you with learning about the best colleges/universities for your field of specialization. Moving abroad for further studies involves challenging steps. It does not just include educational and financial planning but also psychological preparation. Therefore, it is essential to consider a specialist when it comes to your future. 

JenNext Mentors and its team are one of the leading abroad education consultants opening your gates to the Ivy League Colleges and mentors for overseas education. For those of you who do not know, Ivy League colleges are the most prestigious and renowned colleges in the USA. Unlike any regular consultancies, JenNext Mentors provide you with complete preparation for overseas education. From preparing for the GMAT exam to guidance on educational loans, they will help you with all. They also offer a psychometric career counseling test to help you evaluate your field of interest. 

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