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How has coronavirus affected the lives of students?


Every student, from a 5-year-old to a 25-year-old, has been affected due to the Covid-19 crisis. Schools and colleges stand shut due to the risk and have opted for online classes. However, many students were amidst their process to complete high school or graduation and move out for further studies. 

But now, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the career of many students is put on stake, especially those who were planning to move overseas for further studies. In a survey, 52 students voted that their plans for studying overseas have been affected. 42.3% of these students have postponed, and 5.4% of them have canceled their overseas study plan for 2020. 


But is it fair to compromise due to a stressful present and limit a steady future that lies ahead? 

Every year approximately 3.2 billion students move overseas for further studies. Nearly 5.53 lakh Indian students move overseas for education every year. We are not ready to compromise the careers and dreams of 5.53 lakh students. Each student prepares for months in advance to clear competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, and IELTS. We must not let these efforts go in vain. Thus, it is advised to adapt to these changes and continue our lives with all the safety measures, while preparing ourselves for a dynamic future. 


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