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Don’t drop out! International universities have come up with new strategies for students.


It's been almost half a year, and the whole world seems to continue fighting the battle against COVID-19. The ongoing lockdown has impacted the student's mind and the virus has threatened their chances to continue education abroad. In India, over 32 crore students have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as schools and colleges are shut. Many colleges and universities are yet to conduct exams for the students; this has majorly affected the final year students. The public health emergency has drastically disturbed the plans of students planning and preparing for overseas education for the coming semester. 


Impact of the COVID-19 on final year students

COVID-19 has imposed many restrictions worldwide; from travel to financial budgets, raising various concerns and doubts among the students and their parents. Unfortunately, the countries with one of the best MBA colleges are situated abroad and many students have been preparing to score well to enroll themselves in these best MBA colleges around the globe. 

Approximately 7 Lakhs Indian students plan overseas education every year. Students from all around the world take coachings for 3-6 months to prepare for the competitive exams for further studies. A lot of students are stuck waiting for the results of their application from overseas colleges. Whereas, many students have already received the offer letters from their desired colleges and were supposed to start their session in August 2020. The deadly impact of the pandemic has made the parents skeptical about allowing their students to move out of the country for higher education. 

Also, in the last seven weeks, the rupee has depreciated over eight percent against the US dollar. This has forced parents to rethink the overseas education plans of their children. But what most of us do not realize is this also takes a toll on mental health too. However, this is the time to encourage students to continue with the journey to procure quality education for a better future as overseas Universities are providing abundant opportunities for foreign students amidst COVID-19, following excellent virtual internships and jobs. 


Importance of being prepared psychologically

Public health emergencies and global diseases have a significant impact on the mental health of students but, most importantly, it has affected the parents. Moving out to a completely different country makes both students and parents skeptical and nervous. Living in a new place can be challenging, and it involves meeting new people, learning new languages and adapting to new surroundings. 

Parents and students need to be emotionally and psychologically ready before moving out. There are numerous institutes that help students train for competitive exams, and enroll themselves in the best colleges in Singapore or top MBA Colleges in New Zealand. Similarly, parents also require personal sessions to boost their self-esteem before their child moves to a new country. 

Many people become paranoid in such situations; thousands of questions cross their mind:

  • Whether traveling is safe? 
  • What will be the future post-pandemic? 
  • If job opportunities will lessen? 

These are genuine concerns and need expert counseling. JenNext Mentors, education consultant Delhi based are doing a great job in keeping up the spirits of both the parents and students stuck in the crisis.


How to make the right decision? 

No one can deny that targeting and planning for overseas education is one of the most significant steps in a student’s life. There are multiple activities and procedures to be taken care of when it comes to admission in abroad universities. JenNext Mentors specialize in rendering perfect supervising services as an abroad education consultant. They help in achieving the goals of students for studying abroad and overcome their fears.  

The abroad education consultant provides IELTS training in Delhi and training for other competitive exams too. Unlike other regular consultants, JenNext Mentors and the team provide end to end counseling. Career counseling through Biometric and quantitative analysis to Pre-departure preparation and consultation for various accreditation for career support, the advisors, helps with all. 

Every student has their own tastes and preferences, the experts at overseas education help with assisting you to pick the best colleges suitable for you. One can propose their budget, and the advisors help you with selecting the best college within the budget, also assisting in educational loans and scholarships.


Why should students continue with their application?

"Planning to study abroad is a long process; I have invested way too much both financially as well as mentally in the process. Altering an entire life plan because of the situation at the moment does not seem to be a wise decision." a student commented when asked about dropping her admission to an abroad university.

It takes months of hard work and dedication to get into the top overseas universities. Each student puts a lot of effort into planning and preparing for the exams and entrance procedure. Even the parents are involved in long financial planning, by saving money for years to admit their children into the best universities. Procuring educational loans is also a lengthy process. So why waste the effort?

The students will still have access to great employment opportunities knocking at their door after finishing education from top universities. Working overseas not just improves their CV but also enhances their professional connections. If your concern lies in the current scenario, every university has taken responsibility for the students’ safety. With dynamic plans, strategies and online classes, the foreign universities are advanced in overcoming all obstacles.


We hope that the situation soon gets better and the world is virus-free once again. However, if the circumstances don't get better anytime soon, we will need to learn to adapt to it. Making compromises on high-grade education is not an acceptable option. As it is said, ‘the show must go on.’ Proper hygiene, sanitization and social distancing should be brought into practice to fight the disease with dropping plans for a better future through quality education and open yourself to job opportunities provided by the overseas universities. 

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