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Former USSR used Dermatoglyphics as one of the method to select candidates for Olympics Games since 1970’s. As it turned out, the USSR took home 50 gold medals in 1972 and 125 in 1976.Medical experts, through observation, recording, comparison, induction and clinical trials confirmed that fingerprints provide accurate analysis of a person’s inborn talents. The assessment system analyses the distribution of brain’s learning capacity and allocation of cerebral function of an individual and provides relevant statistical report of individual’s innate intelligence. Hence it allows development of the individual in realm of dominant intelligence. This can help the Guide/Mentor to understand the innate characteristics and effective communication mode of the individual. It will provide them the most appropriate learning habits from young age and improve learning ability effectively. It can also help the Guide/Mentor to understand the development of multiple intelligences and discover the potential of the individual. Thus it will be easy to improve their weakness during learning process in order to achieve all-round development.


Lastly we would like to convey the message to all Guides/Mentors and Individuals that the aim of this test is to allow you to fully understand and respect individual differences of each person and provide education and/or training accordingly. The vital factor of an individual’s intelligence is determined by “neural network connection of brain cells”, it is not only congenital nor destiny, but also largely determined by acquired environmental stimulation and early learning.


To all dearest Parents/Educators/Individuals, we are looking forward to building up a link of wisdom for you and others with our foremost sincerity. Let’s work together to help each individual in getting an effective start from the very beginning!!


Biometric aptitude Test:


It is a kind of Brain Mapping that helps in the understanding of an individual’s personality, interest and potentials. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence(DMI)is a study of fingerprints that have been developed by scientists and is used in this test. With this unique technique, we can analyze a person’s interest and can pick a career from different fields such as Education, Music, Dance, Art, sports etc. This could qualify as the shortest career test.


With the help of fingerprints, we can get an insight of Human Brain. Many countries like China, India and Korea nowadays are using this combination of multiple intelligence and fingerprints.


JenNext Mentors are providing Biometric career counseling through which you can understand your field of interest and choose the best fit for you.

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