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An archipelago of islands, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK is a thriving city offering vibrant lifestyles with its lively malls in London and stunning castles. This country has produced the most noted authors of our times including Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Jane Austen and Christopher Marlowe.The UK offers the experience of hobnobbing with an ethnically diverse student community to an international student. In the year 2012, over 4, 20,000 students came to British universities to get the higher education. The number has increased since then and almost 6 lakh students enroll themselves in British education courses every year now.

The United Kingdom has world’s best and famous higher education system. Three of the top 10 universities comes from the United Kingdom. It has a global reputation in terms of quality assured education. It has the all world class latest facilities. In qualitative research, Uk has overtaken the US.  

The Uk has a unique style of teaching which is designed to encourage you to come up with your own ideas.UK universities and colleges focus on practical learning with lectures and seminars.

Uk had traditionally been the most influential country for overseas education among Indian students. However due to huge globalisation some of its charm has been shifted to other parts of the globe .Some of its salient features are as under:

  • Degree acceptance: For many courses like law and architecture degrees issued by UK universities are valid in India also & are accepted by various boards & councils like Bar council of India, Architectural board of India etc.
  • 3 yrs Bachelor duration: Majority of bachelor courses in UK are of 3yrs duration which is a huge advantage to Indian students when compared to US/ Canada.Students save 1 full yr & can become graduate within 3yrs as per Indian teaching standards.
  • India in UK: There is huge population of Indian migrants in UK which makes it easies for novice/young students to settle easily in a new environment & students face less problems for food & Social differences.
  • Easy accessibility: Many parents prefer UK over other popular education destinations since it is very well connected with india and direct flight only takes 9hrs to reach delhi to London.

Fees: Fees start from GBP8000 upto GBP 15000 per yr depending upon the course & university.
Internships: Although 20 hrs per week working is allowed for international students of universities, still several sandwich programmes are available with various universities which entitles students to have upto 1yr internship experience in their resume.
Flexibility: UK education is not very flexible & it is as good as Indian education.
Scholarships: Merit based scholarships are available in few universities please contact counsellor for further information.

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