Ivy League – a phrase synonymous to elitism and excellence is a consortium of eight(8) highly prestigious, private institutions for higher education in the North Eastern region of the United States Of America. It was first grouped together as America’s athletic conference and came into existence in 1954. At that time Ivy League enjoyed its superior reputation over the other institutes in the realm of sports. However, later on, the use of the phrase was not limited to athletics anymore. As their athletic teams began to attract more funding and gained popularity, the standard for student’s performance and admission became increasingly more demanding and rigorous. The Ivy League represented an educational philosophy inherent to the nation’s oldest and distinctive institutions where brilliance and merit reigned supreme. A genius reputation, it continues to enjoy till date.

Members of the Ivy League

The accomplished member institutions of the Ivy League are:-

Each of the Ivy League School has its own unique identity and prowess. All the schools under the umbrella of Ivy League are a name to reckon with and carry a distinguished prestige. Each school has a program that makes them the most outstanding and sought after institute on the world map. They use a lot of resources to attract smart, hard-working, career-minded students from all around the globe.

What Makes Ivy League So Special

The Ivy League schools have historically been the breeding ground for high achievers thus making its admission process highly competitive and selective. To make it to the halls of any of the Ivy League schools, the prospective students must be extraordinary, notable and unique as these schools ensure that they accept only the best and the brightest students inside their premises. Once in there, they promise to churn out well rounded young individuals with both athletic competency and academic excellence. Also promising each student a great professional career opportunity with incredible earnings. The Ivy League Universities attract the attention of meritorious and diligent students from worldwide for a variety of career options they offer. Extending from Law and Medicine to Electrical Engineering and Business, The Ivy League University dominates almost all categories. They also boast of a rich and famous alumnus as many famous people have graduated from the Ivy League Universities. Not only diligent individuals from the field of Business, Law, and Medicine but also recent Presidents like George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have walked the corridors of these Universities as students. Often eminent companies around the globe look for Ivy League University graduates as potential candidates for employment in their Law Firms, Medical Facilities, and Large Corporations. Having said it all, if having a degree from the Ivy League is as coveted as it can be, the Ivy League Universities admission process is also as rigorous as can be imagined.

Tips for Admission into Ivy League

Getting into an Ivy League University is an impressive achievement. The aspiring students need to start preparing well in advance. It is important to know the Ivy League University Admission requirements, entrance preparation schedule and work towards reaching their full potential as prospective students to get into their dream Ivy League University.

The students need stellar grades and test scores in GRE/GMAT/SAT etc examinations. Having a high CGPA is very important but not a deciding factor to get a student a place in the Ivy League. The student needs to prove that they can challenge themselves and still succeed. Apart from academic intelligence, the student needs to bring forth a lot more with them. Students need brainstorming ideas to write spectacular yet simple essays highlighting deep passion for their hobbies, involvement, and empathy with communities and at the same time address the topic with a personalized journey having varied experiences and its impact. The competition in the Ivy League University admission is fierce hence it is imperative that one plans extracurricular and community service activities in advance. Mere joining of these services is not enough because what they look for is how these activities have improved the student’s skill of time management, leadership, teamwork, and discipline to have helped them grow and enrich them as an individual. They see, which of these qualities is a student capable to bring with him to the campus. Early admission decision carries a higher rate of admission although it is binding and prevents the student from making an alternative choice. Although the essays provide an insight into the individual to the admission officer, a recommendation letter from the teachers and their senior professionals play a vital role. The recommendation letters need to be chosen carefully as these letters highlight one’s ability to contribute to the University. They attach a lot of importance to these objective assessments of one’s capability.

The Ivy League Universities often viewed as the gold standard of colleges in the U.S and worldwide also tend to be among the most expensive schools in the U.S with tuition rates averaging between     $ 55000 to $ 60000/ year. Luckily for the students, they offer great scholarships and financial aids to the best of the best students. Some of the competitors that some claim to be just as good as their Ivy counterpart is Stanford, Duke University and MIT. They are all clearly prestigious schools with high national rankings but the prestige of the Ivy League Universities is uncontested and in spite of the extremely rigorous selection process and the high cost of studies at the Ivy League Universities, they are still the most aspired study arenas. Ivy League University continues to deliver excellence in both academics and in sports and has left a legacy of higher education with an exceptional track record and a reputation to go along with them for a long long time.