Study in Canada


Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Canada’s border with the United States is the world’s longest land border. It is the world’s second-largest country by surface but relatively small in terms of population. The first reason why Canada is so much in demand for education because they ( Canadians) spend so much of on their education. It is a very popular destination among the students for overseas studies. It has uniformly high standards of higher education. It has many respected universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University in Montréal, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta.

Canada has many silent features like low crime levels, clean cities and vast expanses of natural beauty, lakes, mountains and national parks. This land has plenty of jobs in different sectors like aerospace, microelectronics, hydroelectric, biotechnology, and telecommunications.In Canada, all the School connected through the Net program to the internet.This country provides the facility for fastest multimedia.In Canada, the best thing is students are permitted to work along with the studies on a part-time basis. So that students can gain international work experience during their studies.


Canada is drawing maximum number of students from India because of the reasons mentioned below:-

  1. Cost- Canadian universities & colleges are very cost effective. College education price in India & Canada are very comparable although a few private universities in Canada are at par with the fees of US Universities.Indian students are getting attracted to Canada because of low fees.
  2. PR Benefit: Any student who does a 1yr or more course from any Canadian HEI(Higher education institute) gets a work permit & post this work permit He/She becomes eligible to file for Canadian PR under Canada experience class, Immigration stream.
  3. Work Permits: Any student studying in Canada in the approved DLI(Designated learning institute) is eligible for a work permit of upto 3yrs in duration. This work permit enables student not only to get prestigious work exposures but also he is able to earn his tuition fees within the work permit duration.
  4. Internships: Few DLI are offering internships, both paid & unpaid, while the students are studying. These courses are known as Co-op courses & students are allowed to work for upto 30 hrs per week during the Co-op tenure.These internships adds on to the resume of the students as a work experience & their placements becomes easy once they complete their education.


Fees :  Fees in Canada start from as low as C- dollar 7000per semester(Rs3.5lakhs per semester). Although a few private universities are charging upto Canadian dollor 50000 per year.

Internships: Internships are available under the Co- op program.

Duration :  Under graduate diplomas are for the duration of 2-3 yrs & UG Degrees are for 4yrs.PG Diploma 1-2yrs, Masters degree duration-2yrs.

Flexibility:  Generally MBA requires 2-3 yrs of work experience in all the good universities however certain universities are providing a pathway to MBA by doing 6-10 months additional course.

Scholarships:  Merit based scholarships are available in few universities. Please approach counsellors for further detail.

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