About JNM

We are seasoned experts in the field of Overseas Education and Immigration driven towards broadening both academic and working perspectives of international students since 2004. By integrating student-centered approaches and techniques with proven expertise in ivy leagues, we seek to minimize the rigors of a highly competitive field by adapting our procedures to suit the student’s individual abilities perfectly.
We are affiliated with highly rated professionals in Academics, Psychology, Language Development and Educational Counseling, and offer top class End to End Consultancy centered on personality development aimed at developing a fully rounded individual with a higher chance of securing admission and succeeding at renowned universities. Over the years, our success rates have earned us the trust of thousands of satisfied clients.
Through the procurement of the best practices in international education consultation, we offer professional guidance to our clients, from career counseling to the point of visa filing. By aligning full experiential support with our core values and ethics, we motivate and assist our clients in making sound career choices essential to the attainment of their personal goals.
With a bid to promoting a sense of identity and cultural awareness, JNM offers meticulously structured immigration and career counseling services which are inbound to students knowledge enhancement, excellent preparation for various tests, university selection, credits selections for the initial year, and student Visa filing and acquisition.


JenNext Mentors are actively involved in the area of overseas education, with a broad network of administrators, universities and colleges. We understand your uniqueness and help you in getting the very best by dealing with only the best in the market.

What is End to End Counselling ?

Are you experiencing great difficult in choosing the best career option for you? Not to worry!JenNext Mentors provides top class end- to end counseling to their candidates through Biometric and quantitative analysis.

Jen Next Mentors is an experienced team of experts working dedicatedly since 2004 and have won the trust of thousands of clients. With strong affiliations to many colleges and universities, we offer you the very best in the market and will give you the solution that is specifically tailored to your expectations.

End to End Counseling offers –

  • Career counseling through Biometric and quantitative analysis
  • Complete profile building Strategy
  • Adequate Preparation of various tests
  • Guidance on University choice
  • Guidance on Application preparation (LOR, SOP and other essays)
  • Application filing guide
  • Receiving I20
  • Guidance on Filing of visa
  • Pre-departure preparation and counseling for various accreditation for career support
  • Guidance on Credits selections for the initial year

We provide full admission support services to our clients ranging from university selection to visa filing. We know the importance of a strong catchy resume and are dedicated to helping you craft one that will effectively improve your exposure and chances of being spotted by recruiters abroad. JNM provides you excellent training necessary to successfully complete the various Standardized tests(GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, SAT, ACT and more) that are compulsory for admission in academic programs. JNM also assists you in application preparation (including LOR, SOP and other essays), Visa filing and provides other counseling services for various accreditation supports.